Madrid Arrival- Day 1

The streets of Madrid are quiet.  Traffic was non-existant at noon.  The cab ride from the hotel was rather American.   As I sat in the cramped cab,  I could easily recognize the band that was singing.  No it was not Juanes, Iglesias, or even Shakira, it was Smashmouth.  I had to ask (in Spanish), are you a fan?  My cab driver, Luis said he likes them and a lot of other American singers.  He explained to me that we were his second passengers in over 3 hours.  I saw about 40 cabs waiting for 3 groups of people.  While I´m used to the scene at JFK when one waits over 40 minutes to an hour for a cab, in Madrid today, it was the other way around.  Our short ride was filled with conversations on the sights, music and eventually the economy.  The unemployment is well over 20%, but the people that are working are not making enough.  He can afford to go to the plaza to have wine and tapas only once a week.   That is a big part of enjoying life for him.  I do not believe he was exaggerating or trying to get a bigger tip.  I could definitely tell the sincerity in his voice and body language.  I look forward to exploring and meeting more people and learning about their opinions on life, current situation, government´s role, and their outlook.

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